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Ganzfeld #1 creates an encounter between characters appropriated from two Giallo films directed by Lucio Fulci; The Psychic and The Beyond. The exhibition is named for an experiment in multi modal homogenous sensory stimuli conducted ifrom the 1930s to the present day, designed to determine a limit field of vision. Presented in a short loop in a dual screen format, a woman with ‘the second sight’ is subject to sinister extrasensory visions on her journey to meet her sightless counterpart on a deserted road. Viewing a film has long been compared to the experience of dreaming, or an altered state of consciousness; in darkness, flickering images immerse the viewer until the house lights are restored and the audience stretches and blinks, returning to reality. This traditional model of film and its presentation is, in effect, a pact to suspend disbelief. As part of an ongoing series of works investigating the cinematic apparatus and perception, Ganzfeld #1 explores ideas surrounding optics, the screen as mirror and how perception can be altered through both sensory deprivation and extrasensory activation.

Ganzfeld #1, Dual Channel HD projection, Colour, Sound, 2013

Blind woman: Stephanie Walravens

Woman driving: Guinevere Jones

Animal talent: Lord Byron

Animal Handler: Brie Trenerry

Producer, Director: Brie Trenerry

Camera: Kieran Boland

Editors: Kieran Boland, Brie Trenerry

Colour Grade, sound design: Brie Trenerry


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