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Chantelle 2024 Hologram Fans, HD traditionally recorded & AI generated video, colour, sound MARS Gallery Melbourne.


A human-size hologram fan, Chantelle 2024 is a video portrait of  Narrm/Melbourne-based fashion designer, Chantelle Lucyl Tarola. 

Tarola's innovative gender neutral designs advocate a space for queer fluidity and inclusive representation.


In 2016, Trenerry captured Chantelle in a hypnotic state for the artwork Psi Girl, featured in a collaborative exhibition with Kieran Boland titled 'Double Blind' at First Site Gallery. Utilising frames from the original footage, Trenerry employed AI video generator Runway ML

to reimagine the work as a video portrait of Chantelle that represents her practice and persona, employing motion brushes to guide the movement within each frame. The resulting videos, serve as a kaleidoscopic journey, wherein Tarola metamorphoses into an array of captivating forms and characters, all stemming from her distinctive visage.


This work is part of an ongoing exploration of the profound implications of AI for humankind, both positive and negative,

in creative spheres and beyond. 

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