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Blue Movie, Single chanel HD video, colour, sound, 2013.

Actor: Kieran Boland

Camera, editing, sound, grading : Brie Trenerry


In Blue Movie, 2013, a film commissioned for White Night Melbourne in the exhibition curated by Ashley Crawford, The World Below, 2012,

an anxious man drinks scotch whilst watching a Super 8mm projection of what sounds like an exploitation film. He discovers a flick book containing images of a scantily clad woman dancing behind a projector on a shelf of occult books. The projector dies then restarts, playing a sinister scenario of his own actions, the woman dancing and a mysterious black dog is intercut. I had rolling colour banding in the original footage and thus had to abandon my original idea, which was a more linear narrative. The new narrative was realized through digital effects and audio visual appropriation from films including David Fincher’s 1997 thriller The Game, Gary Sherman’s B grade horror Dead and Buried, 1981, Roger Watkin’s methamphetamine fuelled exploitation flick, Last House on Dead End Street, 1977 and Pete Walker’s sexploitation film Die Marianne Screaming, 1971. This work encapsulates two main concerns in my practice at the time; firstly the cinematic apparatus- defined here as the elements constituting the psychological aspects of spectatorship, the subject, or the viewer looking as related to the technical which includes the theatre space, the screen, camera, projector and sounds, the elements that create an immersive environment. Secondly the use of appropriation of sound and image from existing films and auteurs to create new scenarios.






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