Total Field, installation view. HD 6 channel HD video installation, colour, sound, drawings, 2015, AEAF, Adelaide.

Brie Trenerry has worked primarily with video and multi-media for the past 20 years and has exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally. She co-founded Moonlight Cinema Adelaide and Kings ARI in Melbourne. Recent exhibitions include, Very Unco, at the Torrance Museum, Los Angeles, 2017, Art + Film: Beautiful and Deathly Nature: New World Gothic, curated by Erin Coates, Museum Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney, , Elapse, curated by Will Heathcote for the Hobiennale, Hobart, Tasmania, Double Blind, First Site gallery RMIT, Melbourne, Total Field, Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), Adelaide 2015. In 2018 working as part of collaborative KBT she completed a residency at the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens [AAIA] and in 2019 will present an exhibition at the conclusion of a residency with KBT at TNUA Tapei, with Kuandu Museum of Fine Art (KdMoFA) / RMIT University. Brie is the curator of the [MARS] Gallery video space in Windsor, Melbourne.